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“Think Global Act Local”

Localization remains intrinsically linked to translation as the two are interlinked. Localization is effectively a translation discipline but with a greater cultural twist and a total rewrite attribute to ensure complete comprehension of a text into another foreign language.

Being able to conduct business globally means being understood in cultural terms in your chosen operating country. Our localization service offers a full localization service, meaning we re-write your chosen source text adding in cultural references and meanings to ensure your product or business venture is correctly interpreted in your receiving country.

How Localization operates when a Translation of Your Original Business or Personal Document is in process

  • Localization essentially creates a more neutral, internationalized version of your original source document
  • Localization takes into account local customs, significant language differences, metaphorical and idiom differences, and many other issues that can potentially bring confusion and miscommunication to your converted text
  • Our native-speaking translators are always sensitive to cultural significance, meta issues, idioms, customs and regional variations that can significantly impact your source documents capacity to communicate with your target language audience

Localization is a modern requirement stemming from the growth of business globalization. We have highly trained experienced translators, interpreters, and writers, who have wide-reaching experience in all business markets and industries. This means we can adapt your text to ensure your message reaches its intended audience correctly.

We realize the important truth that your target-language audience may not have a literal translation that jumps between languages to language. So we offer localization as a way of ensuring your source material is correctly translated to maintain essential idiomatic expressions and remain a globally marketable document.

An Example of Linguistic  Localization in action:

"Like father, like son" in Chinese – as a literal word-for-word translation into the Chinese language wouldn’t work, it has no cultural meaning, connotation, nor significance. Instead a localization translation (taking into account local meaning within the language-target audience) would be - "Tigers do not breed dogs."


The Simple Date and Time format Localization of the United States America and the United Kingdom

In USA the date format is to use the Month/Day format i.e. 09/30

In the UK they use the Day/Month format i.e. 30/09

This is a well known localization and a very simple example but it helps you to see the importance of how all translations and associated DTP work need to factor localization into the equation. A well translated document that ignored the impact of localization in the example above would have produced text with incorrect date formatting. Within our professional translation agency we take localization very seriously indeed and will help you navigate the path to easy success.

Localization as a Business Service here at AK Yort in Ufa Russia

One of the key marketing tools for any business is its website. Our ability to interpret and implement cultural variations in any of the global languages we currently work with means we can supply and translate your website text. Developing content with the correct translation and localization nuances ensuring your customers fully understand your products and services into your chosen language is a process of localization that is continuing to work well with our customers at present.


Creating a multilingual website to capture emerging global markets is a position every company needs to adopt.


Adapting your existing marketing material into your chosen language is competently achieved with our extensive database of world class translators. We currently have 450 highly experienced globally positioned translators working for our company in Ufa Russia. These valued team members are able to translate into 66 global languages and localize your content to suit your target-language audience.

As an experienced company in Russia our native Russian teams and global international teams of localization specialists are able to navigate the complex nuances of Russian localization.

Typical Localization Business Services offered here in Ufa Russia are:

  • Business proposals
  • Tenders
  • Statutory documentation
  • Business plans
  • Business correspondence
  • Treaties, Formal Statement and Charters
  • Advertising texts, booklets, leaflets and Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Packaging and labeling of goods
  • Company logo in CorelDraw
  • Presentation material (PPT or others)
  • Company website content
  • Software localization

In addition we can help with localization of the following documents:

  • Customs Declarations
  • Supporting Documentation
  • Certificates

Looking for Language Services | Translation & Localization Solutions in Ufa Russia

Upon requesting this service you’ll be given the contact details of an experienced project manager who will act as your contact for the duration of the translation and localization work.