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Personal Document Translation

At AK Yort we have extensive experience and the full professional capability to accurately translate your personal documents. As a company we have grown successfully year after year and continue to do so. Our business model understands the importance of not only major business services but also the need for personal document translation services.  Our ability to translate into and from the Russian language into 66 other world languages means we are in the perfect position to assist you in offering a full and total personal translation package. In addition to a proficient personal document translation we also offer full Apostilization and Notarization support.

What we can provide for you

  • Type I, II, III Personal Document Translation (see below)
  • Expedited Order Processing – depending on your deadline we can translate within 1 hour
  • Extensive global language translations
  • A dedicated professional team of 450 world class experienced translators
  • Apostilization and/or Notarization service
  • Authorized Translator Certification Service
  • Full Data Protection
  • A dedicated Project Manager who will oversee your required service from start to finish

Speed of the Translation Service - How quickly can I get my Personal Documents Translated?

Understanding the pressure and importance of deadlines as matters of great significance we are able to translate your documents using three different timeframes, depending on how urgently you need your document translated:

  • 24 Hours
  • 5-6 Hours
  • 1 Hour

The technical ability to convert your personal documents in these time frames is based on our understanding of the significance of quick and accurate translation from or into the Russian language from our database of over 65 available Languages – see our Languages Page at AK Yort for the total foreign Languages we can provide personal document translations for  LINK


What types of Personal Document can be translated at AK Yort?

In addition to our professional business services we have extensive experience in translating the following personal document translation types.


Type I Personal Document Translation

  • Passport (selected pages)
  • Academic transcript
  • General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Driver’s License both paper and card types
  • Diploma without the Supplement
  • Certificate of Birth, Marriage, Divorce etc.
  • Criminal Record
  • Employer’s Statement
  • Others (contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide a solution)


Type II Personal Document Translation

  • Passport (all pages)
  • Military service card
  • Student’s record book
  • Supplement to the Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Diploma Supplement (2 pages) *
  • Authorization for Minor to Travel


Type III Personal Document Translation

  • Letter of Attorney (1 page)
  • Application/Petition (1 page)
  • Personal Income Tax Report (1 page)
  • Letter of Recommendation (1 page)


* 1 page = 235 Russian words, 273 English words, 217 German words, 291 French words.


With regards to my Personal Document Translation what different languages can AK Yort translate from and into?

We realize the importance of International communication and the various languages that enable the world to function. From this understanding our comprehensive database of professional and enthusiastic translators are able to work with the following languages as per below:


Groups of languages

Rates per types of documents (see above) to be multiplied by:

Azeri, Belorussian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Moldavian, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Uzbek


Arab, Armenian, Chinese, Czech, Greek, Farsi, Georgian, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish,  Serbian Tajik, Turkish and some others


Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish and others (contact us with your enquiry)


Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Mongol, Thai, Vietnamese and others (contact us to discuss)



Please note that our competitive rates vary depending on your chosen language interpretation requirements – you can see our full transparent pricing structure here – LINK PRICES


If a required language is not directly shown on the above table for your personal document translation then please contact us as and we will use our extensive network of language and translation services to find the perfect solution to your translation needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to work to a common goal and provide you with the translation service that leaves you a content and satisfied customer.


The Apostilization Service for Personal Business Documents in Ufa

Our full Apostilization service means your personal document is recognized internationally as a legal document. By providing this service you can rest assured that your personal document is transferable between member states as a legitimate legal document.


What is a Notarization Service and do I need this for my Personal Document Translation?

It is always advisable to check with the intended receiving body of your original document if your personal document needs a Notarization. Notarization is an approval of a Notary that the document is legitimate and is officially recorded as such. Notary (notaries) comes from the Roman Republic era when people who could not read needed documents recorded by official Notaries. We provide this service through our proficient Coordinators who liaise directly with a notary here in the city of Ufa (Bashkortostan, Russia). The Notary will stamp your document with his or her official seal and record the entry of the document in his or her official Notary Journal. This is an additional protection against fraud and many governmental bodies require this to confirm the document is legally approved.


The Authorized Translator Certification Service for your Personal Document Translation

The protection of your personal information is essential and here at AK Yort we offer complete data protection with regards to all of your translation needs. Protecting your personal information is essential in today’s data driven environment. Ensuring your documents are official by using this service means you can rest assured from possible fraud, giving you peace of mind that your documents are officially approved.


The Translator Certification Service means you can officially prove that your personal document has been translated completely, accurately, and by a professional here at AK Yort.


How do I get my Original Translated Documents back once they are complete?

We use our internationally recognized courier company Pony Express to return your completed documents back to your specified address at standard agreeable rates. Using a courier ensures your documents are traceable online and that you have a guarantee that your important documents are returned to you in person.


How do you as a company protect my Personal Data?

AK Yort has established standard business practices for information security. All of our translators have signed confidentiality agreements. You can rest assured your personal information relating to your documents is in safe hands at our translation company. For additional piece of mind we are happy to sign any Non-Disclosure Agreements if provided to us in advance.


I already have a translation of my document. Can AK Yort provide an Authorized Translator Certification Service?

If the document has not been translated by AK Yort then no we cannot verify the accuracy of the translation. However we are able to edit the document to ensure it is correct (costs applied). We can then provide you with a Certification Service as per our standard rates.


How do I know my Personal Document Translation is correct?

Our 100% quality guarantee arises from out process of continual monitoring and secondary proof reading by specialists to ensure total accuracy in your translated material. Our Professional translators have extensive specializations in technology and engineering, natural and applied sciences, social sciences, arts, literature, law and medicine and they apply these skill sets and familiarity of industry language to their translations.


If you have additional questions contact us to discuss

If you have any additional questions or require a quote for your personal document translation then please contact us below and we will answer you providing you with the information you require.


Our Office Head Office Contact Details

Skype: ak-yort

Mobile phone #1: +7 (347) 266 19 15
Mobile phone #2: +7 (917) 48 40 600

E-mail: order@akyort.com

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The Republic of Bashkortostan
The Russian Federation


In order to maintain the highest quality of personal document translation services we follow a full 100% customer guarantee and pricing process.