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Written Confindentiality Agreement

Why we use written confidentiality agreements

Trust us to ensure your documents and personal and business informant is kept in the strictest confidence. Our team of 450 international translators and interpreters are committed to protecting your data.  All of our professional translators and interpreters have signed written confidentiality agreements that ensure your sensitive information and business ideas are kept safely and securely within our company.

Signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements as additional data security when translating

You may have your own data security protocols in place so we are happy to sign any Non-Disclosure Agreements that you can provide to give you and your company extra peace-of-mind.

Our top translation industries and why data protection is so important

As we translate in the Medical, Legal, Business, Marketing, AREANS we are aware of the importance in keeping the contents of your documents safe from misuse and potentially damaging public exposures.

Our guaranteed quality process with you the customer in mind

As part of guaranteed quality process keeping your personal and business documents safe is the key to our continued success.