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Desktop Publishing Service at AK Yort Russian Translation DTP Services

Because our translations documents are meticulously produced and then verified by a project manager and secondary proofreader a DTP option is a natural step towards document presentation. Having your source material produced by the latest DTP application equipment and software as part of the Desktop Publishing service means you can save money on a complete translating and DTP package. Our Desktop Publishing service in Ufa Russia consists of designing your original source material in an appealing commercial layout with high production values consisting of typographic quality text and images into your chosen language.

The DTP Service Complete Package

We will translate your raw unformatted text using our team of specialist translators and then pass the translated documents to our expert designers to work on the DTP typography layout and design to meet and exceed your business expectations. The consultation process (a designated project manager who will work with you) will keep you informed of the project progression and that you are content with the initial concept and design. As a top translation agency we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customer’s needs and expectations.

We currently have the capability and experience to work with 66 international languages. This extensive language database ensures your foreign language text is quickly and effectively translated. Our in House DTP Design Team will develop your chosen language documents for the DTP phase of work.

The DTP Software we use to produce quality design work

Our knowledgeable graphic designers will format your translated documents so that they can be published online or in hard copy print. Using the latest design software our designers are able to produce DTP documents using the following design software packages:

  • AutoCAD
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • QuarkXPress
  • Microsoft Word

Our enthusiastic design team will help produce your raw unformatted text into a complete publication suitable for national and international distribution. A professional designed publication is central to presenting your company to the highest standards for your clients. An accurate translation loses its impact if poorly presented, with a professional DTP service available at AK Yort, you can rest assured that your finished document meets the highest standard of presentation.

We can offer you the following formats as a standard, however if you require bespoke DTP Translation work please contact us with your enquiry and we will assist and provide a solution:

Translation DTP from 66 languages Services into the following Design Typography layouts

  • Business Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Marketing Manuals
  • Technical Manuals
  • Flyers and Advertisements
  • Catalogues
  • Financial Reporting
  • Official Summaries and Commitments
  • Text and Image Compilations
  • Trade analysis Tables and Charts
  • Scientific, Economic, Legal, Commerce, Promotional Documents etc


A typical case study of DTP work we have conducted recently

We were tasked with the translation of the technical capabilities of Chinese into the Russian language. Working with the customer PDF-file containing the company catalog company CITICIC (China) we completed the translational work jobs and then began the DTP design process.


After the complete translation service we performed DTP work consisting of:


  • Layout of texts and images for the directory publication
  • Implemented the design of background replacement pages
  • Prepared the finished DTP material for traditional printing formats


Original Catalog - http://akyort.com/d/822544/d/citicic-introduction.pdf


After treatment - http://akyort.com/d/822544/d/zhurnal-siticic-rus.pdf


Custom Bespoke DTP projects – the production of PDF and PPT PowerPoint

Our design team can create PDF and PPT presentations "from scratch" on the basis of the customer's specifications. After initial briefing (following the quote pricing submissions) we will work on producing bespoke designs that meet your expectations. Constant communication between the layout designers and you as a customer ensures the project runs smoothly and you’re aware of what is happening to your design work at all times.

Development of PPT presentations in a foreign Language

As the world becomes smaller and global languages become bigger being able to communicate in a foreign language is a central key to developing new areas of commerce amongst emerging markets.

Our DTP designers and technical specialists will develop a full PowerPoint PPT presentation (other program types available upon request) into your chosen language giving you the ability to effectively communicate with your intended audience!

We have found this service that we provide is integral for:

  • Business presentations of your company to a foreign investor/partner
  • Communicating in conference environment Business products or services
  • Sport coaches and trainers – DTP designed PowerPoint presentations for seminars and training events
  • Teacher and lecturers to communicate learning principles
  • Students - for use in course presentations, seminars, and research work.

Each presentation we work with is unique to you as a customer utilizing the full range of source material. Our translation services are accurate and benchmarked to ensure clarity and accuracy. These two strengths means your presentation focuses entirely on your source material, taking into account the impact of Localization - LINK

International Language Branding and Logo Design

If you need a new foreign language logo and/or company branding, or need a completely new design– our DTP Designers are able to meet your business needs. Discover why we are considered one of the best DTP Design companies who will work in a foreign language, incorporating a full understanding of the impact of Localization on your business needs and logo branding.

The Complete Translation and layout of AutoCAD drawings as part of the DTP Package

With many years of experience in the technical industrial world of oil and gas production our company offers foreign language translation services and imposition drawings developed in AutoCAD and other engineering programs.

The translation team will work in conjuncture with the design team to produce a fully translated and professional AutoCAD drawing for use in your chosen technical field.

Our biggest project in this area to date was for the translation and AutoCAD layout of 1,500 drawings - we performed this task to our client’s full approval in just 8 days!

Print Preparation using our DTP service

We can prepare your documentation for initial print production, using the correct printer format sizes and DPI resolutions. Our designers can work with your source material to produce print quality documents for you as a customer and your business. Our highly experiences design team is also able to remove and edit non-editable text formats found in some types of original source material. We can offer the complete solution for printing presentation materials based on poor quality source material. We can improve this source material to give you the best printable solution.

How the AK Yort DTP Services can save you money

Why choose two separate companies for your global translations and your desktop publishing needs. We can help you refine both of these business services into a complete package saving you both time and money. Our prices are not only reasonable they are also completely transparent so you can see what you are paying right away. We have found that both translating and the DTP process work perfectly together as we are able to not only interpret your chosen language but that we can also create a professional layout and pleasing design as part of the total DTP solution.

If I already have a translated document can I use AK Yort DTP Translation Service in Russia?

Yes you can. We will need to edit your original text to ensure its accuracy.

What languages can you work with?

We currently work with 66 International Foreign Languages – see our Languages Page for a comprehensive list and breakdown