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The Translation Service as a Business – from Russian to English, English to Russian or 66 other Languages!

Accuracy of translation and speed are essential to ensuring your documents are presentable to either external or internal clients in a timely manner. Rest assured that our quality is second to none in terms of attention to detail and our pricing structure. Our written translations, as an essential part of our Business service focuses on key business areas such as Technical, Financial, Legal, Business, Medical, and Marketing documents. Our successful proactive development as a company over the years means we are able to provide clear concise translations that maintain document integrity and accuracy. A correctly translated document reduces any confusion or misinterpretation which can prove to be costly in a corporate atmosphere. Mistakes in personal documents can cause severe delays and problems. We provide a 100% Quality Assurance guarantee for all of our translations.

We offer full professional translation service for the following types of text whether it is translating business or personal documents and source material.

The importance of protecting your Valuable Business or personal Data here at AK Yort

The importance of Data Protection when using our service means your company or personal information is not at risk of data loss or breaches in data security that can prove costly in today’s data rich world. If you require, we are willing to sign any non-disclosure agreements of your own for added peace of mind about our written business translations and legal document translations. Data loss and breach is not an issue when using the written translation service here at AK Yort.

The pricing structure we have in place revolves around 4 levels of experience – each written translation level has a different associated cost.

Price rating dependent on the level of interpretation and translation your company requires

  • Basic Translated by an experienced general linguist-certified translator
  • Special Translated by a translator with special expertize
  • Expert Translated by a translator with special expertize, proof-read
  • PR level Translated by a translator with special expertize, localized, and proof-read

Our competent written translations within Russia

The importance of accuracy and details when translating documents is integral to allowing receiving companies to use the documents. Our work and success within the Russian Federation have enabled us to determine the correct written translation process. We currently work within key business spheres on both a national and international level.

Our Standard Written Translation Key Businesses

Technical Translation Services High quality technical translation services are available for the following industries in Russia and abroad. Our main translation assignments diversify between major industries such as Oil, Gas, petrochemical, mining, metallurgy, telecommunications, automation, civil and engineering industries.

We translate the main technical topics:

  • Oil and gas industry
  • Machinery and equipment production
  • Automotive
  • Shipbuilding
  • Construction
  • IT-technologies
  • Industrial technology
  • Technical documentation

In our office location we work on the following document types for translation

  • Operating instructions, mounting hardware
  • Technical standards and guidelines
  • Certificates
  • Specifications
  • Data sheets
  • Service manuals
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Patent documentation
  • User’s Guide
  • Project documentation
  • Technical drawings (including engineering programs AutoCAD)

We will translate efficiently and in a short time:

  • Technical Reports
  • Documentation
  • Project documentation
  • Tender documents
  • Equipment manuals
  • Standards: TU, SNIP, GOST, foreign ISO standards
  • Documentation on the installation of equipment
  • Passports for materials and equipment
  • Drawings and diagrams
  • Accompanying legal and accounting documentation

Financial Translation and Modern Commerce

One of our main revenue streams is for the translation of annual reports of financial statements, prospectus, booklets, leaflet, brochures and other materials revolving around the financial industry.

Our experts will translate tax documents, accounting reports, financial reports and analytics, banking analyses, audit reports, projects financing, and research in the field of economics, economic reviews, and sensitive tender documents.

Legal Translation and why we are the Best

If your business or company has an interest in trading within Russia then you will need to have competent translators working on your legal documents. We are able to offer Russian to English legal translations as well as English to Russian legal Translation services. Our specialist 450 strong team of certified translators, with many years of legal experience, can translate your legal documents from 66 international and global languages.

If you need to support the translation of the court session or the translation of other legal documents please contact our office who will provide you with a valid solution.

Legal translation is the translation of texts relating to law and used for the exchange of legal information between people speaking different global languages. Since the law is the subject area related to the socio-political and cultural features of a country, legal translation is often considered a difficult task. For an adequate transfer of legal information the legal language translation must be particularly accurate, clear and reliable. We have specialist whose area of expertise is Law, so you can rest assured your translation will be accurate and integral to the understanding of the law language.

Sometimes legal translation is considered a special kind of technical translation doe to its complexity of language and required skills.

Types of legal translation

Depending on the type of translated legal documents legal translation is divided into:

  • Translation of laws and legal acts and their projects
  • Transfer agreements (contracts)
  • Translation of legal opinions and memorandums
  • Translation Apostille and notary certificates
  • Translation of constituent documents of legal entities
  • Transfer of powers of attorney

Requirements for legal translator

Legal documents and the accompanying theoretical work will only be translated by professional translators specializing in legal translation. As a rule, they have the appropriate legal education or at least significant experience in translating legal subjects. Errors in the translation of the text of the contract may result, for example, to the material damage and the presentation of a lawsuit. Accuracy and full interpretation of the law is essential.

Business Translation

Our professional business linguists and translators can work on your written business translations to the deadline that you require. Understanding that precise translations at short notice can mean the difference between success and failure, at AK Yort we can exceed your expectations when translating important business documents in a timely and accurate manner.

Medical and pharmaceutical translation

A key area of written translations revolves around the medical profession. Our dedicated translators (both Russian and global) helps to avoid ambiguities in the translation process that can prove costly if incorrect.

The need for medical translations not only focuses on pharmaceutical companies engaged in the production and export of products and equipment, but also individuals who need to transfer a doctor's medical records or other documents from one language to another.

This medicinal translation requires maximum precision and only a highly responsible interpreter will work on Medical translations. The correctness of translation for a diagnosis or test result may impact on the life and health of one person, the quality of the translation of medical catalog documentation for medical equipment or medicines, as an example, can affect the lives of hundreds and even thousands of people! Professional translation is of paramount importance and we set the highest standards.

Our Medical translators (specializing in medical translation as a foreign language) must also be proficient in Latin, because this language is often used in medical terminology. It’s very desirable to have an interpreter with an established medical education and work experience in medication as an industry. Our top medical translators during the language translation process are able to consult with pharmacologists, surgeons, therapists and other professionals within the medical world.

Directions medical translation

Translation of documents for medical equipment, including operating instructions, descriptions, manuals, promotional materials, catalogs and presentations of medical equipment and instrumentation is an integral part of globalization. We can work with you to produce such documents.

The current work with documentation on clinical trials of drugs also forms part of our medical translation service. Such documentation includes research protocols, investigator's brochures and papers, registration cards and other pharmaceutical documentation.

Translation of personal medical records, which involves working with extracts from case histories, a single case history, and survey results, the findings of experts and protocols operations are all featured documents that often require a comprehensive translation into or from a foreign language.

Translation of documents for medical equipment – such examples that we continue to work with:

  • Medical operating instructions
  • Medicine Descriptions
  • Clinical Trials Research Papers
  • Manuals for Medical equipment and tools
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Promotional materials
  • Catalogs and presentations of medical equipment and instrumentation.

How we Translate Marketing Translation Sales and Why Marketing Translation is Important Today

Sales and marketing translation involves being aware of specific topics of translation that are unique to successful marketing translations. In carrying out this type of translation we are able to confirm attention to the following areas that shape the translation:

  • The preferences of the target language country
  • The cultural aspects of the target language state or nation
  • The common mentality of the overall population of the targeted state or country

As culture, social preferences, and mentality are highly complex we employ highly skilled translators that are residents of the target country. This means we can capture all of the nuances that remain unique to the intended country during the translation process. Grammatical errors, translation mistakes, or incorrect advertising text is severe blow to the prestige of any company, and is simply inadmissible when entering foreign markets. Fortunately at AK Yort we will prevent your company from becoming tarnished with poor quality translation and proof-reading. Your company profile is safe with us as your global translation agency.

Our company offers translation, adaptation and localization of documents and products

  • Contractual Translation
  • Business proposals
  • Sensitive Tenders and Tender proposals
  • Statutory documentation
  • Business plans
  • Business correspondence
  • Treaties
  • Advertising texts, booklets, leaflets
  • Business Cards
  • Packaging and labeling of goods
  • Company logo in CorelDRAW
  • Presentation material (PPT or others)
  • Company web site

In addition we can translate the following document types:

  • Customs declarations
  • Supporting documentation
  • Certificates for Import/Export

Science and the Translation of Scientific Documents

Translation of information of a scientific nature require the use of an interpreter who has direct scientific experience, rather like the specialization requirements for the legal and medical fields of international translation. Our science translators are competent proof readers, professional editors, and have specialist experience in a particular scientific field. Traditionally scientific documents or texts contain many technical terms and phrases that would lose its importance if handled by a non-professional translator. Poor quality translation even one term or abbreviation in scientific documentation that is incorrect or inaccurate could result in serious consequences. In our translation agency only high-level science specialists (with unique interdisciplinary areas of knowledge) work with scientific texts and documents.  

Typical Science Documents we translate into a/from a foreign language

  • Research work in various fields of science
  • The results of experiments, observations and analysis in various fields of science
  • Scientific articles and science papers
  • Materials for scientific conferences/seminars/meetings
  • Annotations for research tools and devices
  • Research results
  • Acceptance acts in the world of sciences

We have specialist translators who can work in the following science disciplines

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Ecology
  • Mathematics
  • Biology

Our services for medical translations are in demand with the following groups

  • Institutes and laboratories
  • Scientific research groups
  • Scientists
  • Students and graduate students

Literary Translation as a global solution – every work of literature can be translated into/from a foreign language

As globalization presents new markets books by foreign authors are a prime example of how we move with the times. Each work of literature has the potential to reach hundreds of new languages of new readers throughout the world! Original document text of a book is translated, and the texts of poems and songs are not only accurately translated but also adapted for cultural meaning and rhythm of sound.

Our teams of translators who work solely on literary translations are specialists well versed in languages, but also creative people with a true love of art and literature. These specialists translate the text with complete accuracy, whilst conveying the mood and atmosphere of the original source material. Complete adaptation often involves some processing of certain phrases and expressions to enable a better understanding for the readers of the specified target country.

We offer literature art translation services in the following literary fields

  • Fiction
  • Epublishing Books – for sale as EBooks on Amazon
  • Poetic works - translation
  • Content of literary essays, and articles
  • Magazines and albums
  • Song Lyrics

Realizing the importance of presentation in the literary arts we also offer the following:

  • Checking translations made by other translators
  • Proofreading service for literature by a native speaker of the source material
  • Editing of texts in line with recognized DTP processes
  • Layout of any format into highly professional DTP documents

Keep in mind that for the translation of literary works into the language of a particular country only an interpreter of the receiving language and culture of this country will be used for your literature translation services.

There are such people in our team as we have an extensive database of 450 recognized professional translators each with their own specialism and skills working with 66 international global languages.

The importance transcription – subtitles for your film or video art work

Our translation agency offers a full transcription subtitle service of film video or company corporate video. Translation and subtitling of your company video or art film means you can gain additional audiences within your specified target audience. The transcription process involves writing text with audio or video as a source and then recording target language audio over the top, or adding translated subtitles over original audio source.

Audio Translation Sound video – the dubbing into another foreign language

Our company has the staff and equipment to perform the dubbing of videos into the selected language. This process of sound dubbing traditionally follow three paths:

  • Transcription of the language from the source
  • Translation into the language you want
  • Sound video in the language of the customer

As a result your movie or transfer will be adapted to the particular viewing audience allowing you to market your completed film or video into your specified market.

We also offer a Complete DTP Design Project Work for you personal or business needs

Our Localization Service also enables effective communication in a target language environment

Our contacts:

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Discover why AK Yort Translations has the highest reputation for providing the most reliable and dedicated client service of any written translation provider worldwide.